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About the Program:

Although Saint Tutoring offers services at affordable rates compared to our competitors, we understand that finances are a barrier for many families/individuals seeking tutoring services. The Sponsor a Scholar Program was created to give students experiencing adverse circumstances an opportunity to receive tutoring at a free or reduced rate. Additionally, this program allows for those who would like to support the company, but are not in need of our services, the opportunity to do so. This is done by sponsoring (at minimum) a month's worth of tutoring sessions for a student in need. The sponsor will be matched with a sponsee during the school year and kept abreast of the student's academic progress. Any sponsors that are not matched with a sponsee by the end of the school year will receive a full refund, or can opt to donate the money to the company's scholarship fund.

Interested in Applying?

Opportunities to become a sponsee are limited and will vary based on the number of sponsor's we have available. Any parent/guardian or student interested in applying to be a sponsee in the Sponsor a Scholar Program must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Student is on free/reduced lunch

  • Household income is less than $50,000/year (for independents, income is less than $30,000/year)

  • Student lives in a single parent household

  • Parent/Guardian is not a native English speaker

  • Student is not a native English speaker (classified as ELL, ESOL, etc.)

  • Student is a ward of the state

  • Student is homeless

Apply to be a sponsee (student)
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