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To empower and unite black women and girls in math and math-related fields, fostering academic excellence, sisterhood, and innovation, while creating a strong pipeline of future leaders in these disciplines.


Empowering limitless futures: revolutionizing Black women and girls in math to lead, innovate, and shape the world.



We measure our success by the positive and lasting impact we have on the lives and careers of Black women and girls in math.


Leadership represents our commitment to nurturing and developing strong, capable leaders who will not only excel in their respective fields but also pave the way for others. We believe that leadership is not confined to titles or positions; it's a quality that can be cultivated in each of us.


We value the sense of sisterhood and community, where support and collaboration are fundamental.


We work to be innovative in our approach to provide programming, resources, and opportunities that align with our mission/vision, while adapting to the needs and goals of our members while being . We also encourage creativity and innovation in our members, pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons in math.

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Founder: Shanava Saintolien

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