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How We Started


Our founder, Shanava Saintolien, birthed the company from her love for education. A Miami native born to immigrant parents, she realized the importance of education very early on in her studies. Though she recognized this, she also realized how many students (herself and her peers included) would benefit from additional academic support outside of the classroom. Shanava began tutoring her peers in chemistry and mathematics in high school, then went on to earn her B.S. in Mathematics (with a concentration in Secondary STEM Education) from Florida State University. Following her undergraduate studies, she obtained her Master’s in Public Administration and most recently an MBA from Florida International University. Shanava brings over 10 years of combined tutoring and classroom teaching experience to the company through her employment/volunteering with Leon County Schools, Miami Dade County Public Schools, Breakthrough Miami, GIVE Volunteers, and other organizations .

Saint Tutoring, LLC. is a tutoring company focused on providing quality tutoring to students of all ages and academic backgrounds through individual and small group instruction. ​

​We provide tutoring in K-12 and college math courses. Tutoring in math courses ranges from elementary level math (arithmetic) to college math courses (trigonometry, calculus, GRE prep, etc.)

At Saint Tutoring, we come to you! Tutoring sessions can be done in the comfort of your home, a local library, a local cafe, or any other convenient location. If you are not in the Miami or Tallahassee areas, we also offer tutoring sessions virtually.

Mission Statement

We believe in elevating and inspiring K-12 and college students to reach their highest potential. In order to bridge the gap between students and academic success, we provide academic support and personal development in both a face-to-face and virtual setting. Through one-on-one tutoring sessions, workshops, and test prep services, we produce more well-rounded and confident learners through bold, transparent, and creative instruction.


To be the most transformative tutoring company in the world that molds students into confident change-makers and lifelong learners.  

Strategic Goal

To create more pathways towards STEM exploration and career development for black students through tutoring, academic and professional workshops, global partnerships,mentoring, and philanthropy.  



Our atmosphere is an open and honest one from beginning (consultation) to end (close out session). We appreciate feedback and work to ensure that there are no gray areas when it comes to a student’s education.


We hold ourselves accountable for upholding the mission of Saint Tutoring; however, we hold our students accountable for their success too. Though we are here to support you, we expect students to make an honest effort to achieve their goals (academic and personal).


Living and learning boldly requires us to not limit ourselves in what we can achieve. We are bold in our ideas, instruction, and expectations and aim to cultivate boldness in each student as well.


We take pride in our results and put the quality of our instruction, staff, and business practices above all else.


It truly takes a village to achieve greatness. Our clients are family and we push them to reach their highest potential both academically and personally.

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