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How Can I Help?


Email us to see when our next community event will be held. We would love to have you on board to help us as a volunteer!

Donate to Our Scholarship Fund

Not only do we strive to provide quality instruction at Saint Tutoring, but we also strive to support and uplift African American women who are aspiring (or current) STEM majors. Please consider donating to our scholarship fund to support these women on their journey to being successful in the STEM field.

Click here to leave a donation.

Sponsor a Scholar

Sponsor a scholar in need by paying for a month's worth of tutoring sessions (or more). If a scholar is not matched to you (as the sponsor) by the end of the school year, your funds will be fully returned to you or you can decide to put the donation towards the company's scholarship fund. 


Click here to sponsor a scholar.  

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